july 1

storybook morning. calm. warm beautiful.

the swim went very well. steady not to hard. we took our time getting our wetsuits off and our bikes ready.

took it easy on the bike.  i was a bit stiff after a bit over 3 hours. but i felt pretty good.

now the dreaded run. i’ve been fighting one injury or another for years it seems like. it rained a bit with 7 km to go. but the cool drops felt good. i walked up the hills.

but its done. day 1 is in the books.

87 more legs to go. 29 days.

i’m so sore. what have i got myself into?

i have to get up at 4 am to be at hubbles lake for the great white north half iron race in time.

i have to express extreme thanks to Laura Johnston. she did the entire day with me.  She is so awesome.  she is a nutritionist too and is giving lots of good advise.


by the way if anyone is interested my day can be tracked on strava.

i think there are lots of pictures on facebook.