Living to Tri

Posts by Malcolm Stinson

July 15

Wizard lake triathlon. I felt strong on the bike today and very steady on the run. I’m very happy with how my body is starting to come around.

July 14

The knee is very sore, not only on the run but now the bike. One of the other cyclists taped it up for me. I did fairly well on the run that day.

July 13

My knee is really starting to worry me now.

July 12

Its cool and calm out the knee feels a bit better, I get another massage.

July 11

The day started out being calm and nice, but then started to rain quite hard on the bike. Fortunately I had some good cyclists with me.

July 10

Finally a cool, calm day. But my knee is starting to get inflamed and very swollen.

July 9

It’s a Sunday, a large group shows up to support me. It was a very nice ride.. though my knee started to hurt and I’ve never had knee problems before.

july 8

Athletes in action triathlon, it was very well organised and fun. Another calm warm day.

July 7

Another calm and very hot day. I’m beginning to doubt if i’ll be able to complete this.

July 6

I’ve lost ten pounds, the heat continues.