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july 3

after GWN i really need to back off.

a later start 10 am. the CBC TV did an interview after the swim. that took some time too. but the exposure is very important. the CBC crew were very good to talk to.

the swim felt so nice. good water. nice temperature. just felt good to move through the water and enjoy the moment.

two friends took turns riding with me on the bike. a bit windy today.

the run still hurts. i walk a lot of it. i hope i loosen up and this gets easier

i getting a lot of people from all across canada contacting me. i hope they understand i can’t reply to it all. i am very flattered and honoured by the well wishes and generous donations. and the stories i get are very moving and touching. i truly can relate. please keep them coming. i do read them.


Great white north.

normally i get excited for a big event like this. but this had to be treated like a training or i’d be screwed for the next day. it was another great morning . and no wind. i mentioned that this was a day the set bike course records. and i heard they were set.

i thought i swam well but my time was about 4 or 5 minutes off. oh well. i baked off on the bike. took it easy on the climbs. just under 3 hours. the run was painful. the day before caught up to me. and it was hot. hot enough the ambulance took away some athletes. in the end just under 7 hours.

i hope i left enough in the bank.

july 1

storybook morning. calm. warm beautiful.

the swim went very well. steady not to hard. we took our time getting our wetsuits off and our bikes ready.

took it easy on the bike.  i was a bit stiff after a bit over 3 hours. but i felt pretty good.

now the dreaded run. i’ve been fighting one injury or another for years it seems like. it rained a bit with 7 km to go. but the cool drops felt good. i walked up the hills.

but its done. day 1 is in the books.

87 more legs to go. 29 days.

i’m so sore. what have i got myself into?

i have to get up at 4 am to be at hubbles lake for the great white north half iron race in time.

i have to express extreme thanks to Laura Johnston. she did the entire day with me.  She is so awesome.  she is a nutritionist too and is giving lots of good advise.


by the way if anyone is interested my day can be tracked on strava.

i think there are lots of pictures on facebook.





June 30

Twas the Night before a month of half ironmans.  another way to look at it – 15 ironmans in one month.

i think everyone is more nervous than i am.

i”m not as fit as I’d like to be. but i’m ready as can be. I’m  ok with that.

bit of a logistical challenge doing a half iron at the same time set up for Great white North the next day.

much thanks to everyone who is helping with this.

here we Go!!!!